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Astronomy Researchers

Campbell, Neil

Project Team (2012-)

Kenyon College Undergraduate

Email: ngcpci@rit.edu

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Hatfield, Karla

Project Team (2008-)

RIT Undergraduate (Imaging Science)
  • I am characterizing the UV emissions of 3CR Radio galaxies. For each galaxy I am making surface brightness profiles and spectral indexes, categorizing the galaxy as a point or extended source, making a dust map and UV map and comparing the two, and gathering UV, infrared, and optical images of the galaxy.

Email: kmh2507@rit.edu

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Melia, Adrian

Researcher (2009)

MIT Undergraduate (Physics)

Email: adrianm@mit.edu

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Molina, Ivana Mariel

Project Team (2012-)

Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina Undergraduate

Email: ivanamarielmolina@gmail.com

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Murphy, Rachel

Project Team (2012-)

Seattle Pacific University Undergraduate

Email: rgmpci@rit.edu

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Nevins, Bobby

Project Team (2012-)

St. Olaf College Undergraduate

Email: nevins@stolaf.edu

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O'Neill, Sean

High School Intern (2009)

Byron Center High School

Email: smopci@rit.edu

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Rague, Bryan

Project Team (2006-)

RIT Undergraduate (Multidisciplinary Studies)

Email: bjr1948@rit.edu

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Smith, Jeff

Project Team (2008-)

RIT Undergraduate and stuff(Computer Engineering)

Email: jds2929@rit.edu

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Adams, Veronica

Project Team (2008-09)

RIT Undergraduate (Imaging Science)
  • IDL research

Email: vla7218@rit.edu

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Arbogast, Mitch

Researcher (2009-)

RIT Undergraduate (Biomedical Sciences)

Email: mka5770@rit.edu

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    Colosky, Tom

    Project Team (2008-09)

    Lima High School

    Email: t.colosky@yahoo.com

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      Dorn, Meghan

      Project Team (2008-)

      RIT Undergraduate
      • Using previous research data to extract flux information from the Spitzer Space Telescope.

      Email: mxd2943@rit.edu

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      Everdyke, Christina

      High School Intern (2012 - )

      Email: cee5435@rit.edu

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      Henderson, Liz

      High School Intern (2009)

      Victor High School

      Email: lzrd507@gmail.com

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      McCabe, Kevin

      High School Intern (2008-09)

      Lima High School

      Email: kevinjamesmccabe@yahoo.com

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        Parobek, Maddie

        High School Intern (2012 - )

        Email: meower57@hotmail.com

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        Reed, Emma

        High School Intern (2009)

        High School

        Email: evrpci@rit.edu

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        Schell, David

        High School Intern (2012 - )

        Email: dschell1232@gmail.com

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        Snios, Brad

        Project Team (2008-09)

        RIT Undergraduate (Physics)
        • Determining star formation rates of brightest cluster galaxies through UV emissions and assessing the validity of those results through examining the amount of dust extinction within the host galaxies, along with comparing various starburst models to the results.

        Email: bts0050@rit.edu

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