An Imaging Focus Interdisciplinary REU program incorporating Inovation & Entrepreneurship Training

The main deliverables of our research will be a cadre of students, pursuing graduate degrees, who are well versed in interdisciplinary research with a focus on the unique area of imaging science, and an ability to apply what they have learned to a host of domain applications. We are also learning how to recruit and support Native American students to scientific research careers - a population that is very underrepresented.

Authors: Jake Noel-Storr, Stefi Baum, and Carl Salvaggio

Novel Low-Cost Technologies for Communicating Astronomical Topics

We are committed to the development of educational technology tools that are designed with cost and “user-tinkerability” in mind. We strive to increase the potential for technology-rich access to scientific data to be in the hands of a much larger slice of the educational community. Here we present three low cost educational technology tools developed by a diverse team including many undergraduate and high school students. We involve both undergraduate and high school students in the development of content for these systems, encouraging the growth of both scientific and technological literacy in the process.

Authors: Jake Noel-Storr, Brandon Cole, and Drew Lierheimer

Summer 2011 Researcher's Weekly Newsletter Online

Follow our summer researchers each week in our weekly research newsletter. Click to download the PDF's each week (~2.5MB).

  • Week 9, 8/5
  • Week 10, 8/12
  • Week 11, 8/19
  • Week 12, 8/26

Cole, Brandon

Science Exploration Technology

What is Science Exploration Technology?

To put it simply, Insight Lab SET projects allow people to explore our reality in ways they have never seen before.

We don't write textbooks or give lectures... we're a group of engineers and scientists who are devoted to creating, maintaining, and improving technology that allows unique, immersive, educational, and FUN experiences for users and bystanders alike.

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